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January 25, 2020

Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas

Why do we people prefer small scale business ideas? We prefer it because of the following reasons :

  • It has a security that if we fail we are not going to lose a lot of amount in terms of our capital.
  • If we get success, there is a lot of scope for our bright future.
  • There are lesser paperwork and licenses we need to start.
  • We are free to take risks, as a result, may not harm us much.
  • The amount of flexibility we get in the beginning.

Based on the uniqueness and success rate of the businesses, We have compiled a handmaiden list of these small scale business ideas as :

List of The 10 Best Small Scale Business Ideas 2020

  1. 1
    Gaming Parlor With A Bar Or Without A Bar 
  2. 2
    Kiosk Outlets Of The Electronic Gadgets In Shopping Malls
  3. 3
    Car Washing Center
  4. 4
    Paper Glass Cups Manufacturing Business Model
  5. 5
    Trading of Exotic Fruits 
  6. 6
    Drop shipping of various goods online
  7. 7
    Food joint With home Delivery Only
  8. 8
    Mushroom Farming
  9. 9
    offline dating business
  10. 10
    membership business

Briefing of the Small Scale Business Ideas

  1. We will be sharing in depth analysis and blueprints of each idea.
  2. All the ideas here are the most Unsaturated and Unused in the Upcoming market trend.
  3. There is a lot of profit and scope available in all the ideas.
  4. Based on my 10+ years of business experience and a business family background, I have handcrafted these ideas and have suggested to my family and friends.
  5. All the Small Scale Business Ideas have the scope to make it to the large scale whenever you feel that you have the capital strength.
  6. All you need is a plan of action and self-market research, online as well as offline.
  7. From online research, you will find to look up the Competitors of the same business Idea you will be selecting and researching his business.
  8. From Offline market research, you will find out the buyers and suppliers for your goods and raw materials.
  9. Also, you need to go through all the market Possibilities of the price Fluctuation.
  10. Just go through all the business ideas and analyze your interested field.
  11. You should only go for the plan in which your self-conscience generates some interest.
  12. I am always available to help you all in case you need my expertise in any of the above ideas. Do not hesitate to comment or shoot an email anytime.

The detailed analysis of all the Small Scale Business Ideas are as follow :

1) Gaming Parlor​​​​​ With A Bar Or Without A Bar

Gaming Parlor​​​​​ With A Bar Or Without A Bar


The setup of a game parlor is very luring not only for adults but also for children. 

The budget depends on the two factors :

  • How many games/arcades you want to install, and
  • What type of quality do you want to proceed with?

We will discuss about a game parlor without a bar as this is a Small Scale Business Idea.

Today everyone wants to enjoy and why not if you can provide them with an enjoyable gaming experience and some tasty food along with it. 

You can sell your entry tickets in such a way that it includes food costs also.

The budget will act on factors like :

  • Arcade Gaming Installment (This is a costly setup and requires licensing),
  • PC Gaming/Console Gaming Installment,
  • Non-Virtual Gaming Zone (Club based)

In the beginning, I will suggest going with a single-mode if you are looking for a budget-friendly startup.

This section of business can be opened nearby Colleges, schools, or any popular public place.

This Business plan solely depends on the place you have chosen.

The heavily rush place or a good tourist place will always boost your business.

Always go for the rented space so that in 3-4 months, if you are unable to generate good revenue, you can plan a re-shift of the place.


The plan is simple, as you have to choose the best gaming consoles/arcades/bowling equipment available in the market.

With time the money you will spend on your setup will pay you back.

There are many different kinds of gaming Parlous you can open. You have to make up your mind on which way you have to invest.

The amount of mouth publicity you will get is always a critical factor in this business model.

The more you advertise your Gaming Parlor, the more revenue you will generate.

You can also distribute the pamphlets in bulk in your local newspapers.

This marketing strategy is beneficial for this business model.

Of course, social media will play a key role in letting people know about the awesomeness of your gaming hub.

Average Budget

The Whole Startup will cost you around USD 6000 to USD 14000 (INR 4,000,00 to Rps 1,000,000), Based on the size of the launchpad you want.

The investment is directly proportional to the quality of the gaming equipment you will install.

So higher the investment higher will be the quality of your gaming parlor.

The Basic Investment Things you will require in the beginning :

  • A Registered Firm/Company,
  • Functional space for your parlor,
  • An FSSAI Licence if you will be providing the food,
  • Various Gaming Consoles,
  • Well maintained Staff.


Each city will have different competitors. So you have to find out your competition on your own.

Never open your establishment nearby your competition as it will distribute the revenues for both parties.

Target Areas

This Innovative Small Scale Business Idea can be started from anywhere in the world.

The main target areas will be nearby a college, a school, a tourist place, or an excellent crowded public space.

2) Kiosk Outlets Of The Electronic Gadgets In Shopping Malls

Kiosk Outlets Of The Electronic Gadgets In Shopping Malls


This Money Earning Small Scale Business Idea is straightforward and gives a stable profit margin ratio.

This business in massive demand as people coming to shopping malls loves to shop from the Kiosks as they think this is cost-effective for them.

The more and more footfalls the shopping mall gets, the more and more customers you will make.

I have seen various kiosks of electronics, which are selling much more than a proper showroom.

The display variety must be unique and impressive. This is the only way of attracting more customers.

Hidden Cameras, Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Watches, Wireless Ear Pods, Headphones, Hard Disks, Etc, are the items you can sell under electronics kiosks. 

These are hot selling products and are in trends at the moment.

I always chose your products carefully. You should have a fair idea of the market trendy products.

If you have a little more budget than you can import the latest designs of electronics products from Here.

For Very Less budget, I will suggest the Delhi Palika Bazar and the Sadar Bazar, as they have the latest electronics gadgets.

The more bargain you will do while purchasing your inventory, the more profit you will earn.


The plan is straightforward, as mentioned below in step :

  • ​Chose your products efficiently with a potential scope of fast selling, Search Here.
  • Always focus on Low valued Items, as they sell fast and more accessible.
  • Either import or buy from the local wholesale markets.
  • After the market research and selecting the right products, Chose a crowded shopping mall space for the Kiosk.
  • Focus on The Bargain Factor in both cases, i.e., buying products and renting a Kiosk.
  • The last step after focus is trying various marketing tactics likes Social Media Campaigns or a Pamphlet Distribution all over the city.
  • Wait for the Ripened fruits of success after the hard work!

The placement of the electronics kiosk matters a lot in revenue generation, so always focus on this crucial step.

The scope of this project is excellent as you can cover both offline as well as online market to sell your chain of electronic products. 

Average Budget

The Whole Startup of Kiosk Outlets Of The Electronic Gadgets In Shopping Malls will cost you around USD 1000 to USD 2000 (INR 70,000 to INR 150,000) according to the structure of the firm.

Initial Investments are as follow :

  • A registered Firm/Company,
  • A good variety of various electronic gadgets,
  • A nicely located kiosk in a shopping mall/complex,
  • A few sales staff,
  • Other things as per requirement.


You have to locate the competitors yourself in this business project after visiting various shopping malls.

But as this idea is not much saturated, so the competition is quite low at the moment.

Target Areas :

This plan will work in all the cities with a good shopping mall/complex having a good footfall.

3) Car Washing Center

Car Washing Center


It is a well-known idea for small scale businesses. With each day passing, the number of cars is increasing at a rapid rate.

Only by this fact, you can analyze the scope of this business idea. There is never a slump in this business model.

All it matters is a satisfied customer.

If you provide an excellent service to your customers, then they will return to you only.
The profitability is based on the repeat sales model.

You can earn good revenue in this model if a few factors can be kept in mind, which are discussed in the Plan.


Car Washing can be started by any individual, as no educational qualification is needed.

All you need is a dedicated team of workers and your hard work to make this model successful.

You must have seen various Car Washing Centers around your place, so why should you open another?

The answer is the uniqueness you are going to provide to your customers. The differences are as follow :

  • Only hire polite staff. This is very important, and nobody notices this small thing, which matters a lot in this business.
  • According to a survey, the rude and unattended behavior of their staff is the main reason; people do not go to the centers again.
  • Open a small canteen that can provide some snacks along with free tea/coffee. This way, you can earn a little extra to cover up the expenses.
  • Provide your customers with a good waiting lounge with a Television and magazines in it.
  • Provide them with free water to drink.

These are tiny things which you can do to get good success in this business. Also, do not forget to advertise your new startup by giving a free car wash demo.

This strategy always works like a charm and attracts a good number of customers.

Once you have the customers in line, show them the difference and make the lead conversion from there.

The scope is perfect as you can add Wheel Alignment and other cars related accessories to sell in the future.

Average Budget

The whole Car Washing setup will cost you around USD 700 to USD 1400 (INR 50000 to INR 100000). The values are just our approximation.

To start the business, you need the following :
  • A Small open place to operate,
  • A Coffee/Tuck shop,
  • Polite staff,
  • A good water connection,
  • Washing accessories,
  • Other essential things required.


There is good competition in this field.

But if you will choose an area where there are a lesser number of washing centers, you can generate good sales.

Target Areas

Car Washing can be started from anywhere in the world.

All you need is a good and clear water connection, and you are ready to go.

4) Paper Glass Cups Manufacturing Business Model

Paper Glass Cups Manufacturing Small Scale Business Idea


With the increase in pollution, the use of plastic cups has been restricted to an extent by the government.

There are many health hazards in the use of plastic cups.

Studies show that regular use of plastic cups causes severe illnesses like cancers, etc.

This creates awareness to use only paper cups to avoid a particular illness. This is the most Eco-friendly business.

Therefore this business has an excellent extended scope in the market.

From using in tea to cold drinks, paper cups has been tremendously growing with each day passing by.

The growth of this business is expected to become double in the upcoming years.

One can quickly earn the right amount of profit in this business.


It is an effortless technique to manufacture paper cups.

It is a small machine which can be found in small cities as well as in metro cities.

The machine can also be installed at your homes.

You must register with MSME to avail some extra benefits for your business.

Government also provides Mudra Loan for this business.

You need two machines for this project :

  1. Paper cup framing machine (Around INR 500,000), and 
  2. Offset equipment (Around INR 40,000)

The raw materials are Paper Reel and Bottom Reel.

The raw material is readily available all over the country.

It is effortless to sell the ready product in the market.

You do not need any advertisement in this business, so it cuts the cost of production also. The business has a perfect future.

If you have any doubt in this plan and if you want some good suppliers of machines and raw material, please do not hesitate to contact me from Here.

Average Budget

This will costs you around USD 5630 to USD 7040, according to the nature of setup you will want.

Initial Investments will comprises of :

  • A Registered Firm/Company,
  • A Space to run your small unit,
  • Two Initial Machines,
  • Raw Material,
  • Staff to Operate (2-3 will be good),
  • Other Basic things according to your needs.


You may have many competitors in this particular business, but the usage of paper cups is so high that it doesn't matter.

These glasses can be sold anywhere in the country.

Also, try to sell them online if you have some knowledge about the internet.

Target Areas

Paper Glass Cups Manufacturing can be started from anywhere in the world. 

All you need is a good supply of raw materials.

You can quickly sell the paper cups glasses in almost all the markets.

So this makes this small scale business idea, an instant revenue generator.

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5) Trading of Exotic Fruits

Trading of Exotic Fruits


Well, with the growing awareness of health, people are attracting to consume more fruits and vegetables.

Tonnes of Exotic Fruits have been imported in India annually.

There is a massive demand for Exotic fruits in the market.

If you have a reasonable budget, you can read the most innovative business idea i.e.,  Rebranding of Kiwi Fruits, but for the smaller budget, keep reading here.

There are many exotic fruits people demands today like grapefruits, Dragon fruit, Durian, Horned Melons, Buddha's hand, Chayote, Rambutan, African Cucumber, Ackee, Monstera Deliciosa, Cherimoya, Salak, etc.

I hope you might not have heard the names of all, and this creates a lot of future scope in this small scale business idea.


The first step will be to find a competent importer or a supplier of the exotic fruits in your region.

It is not necessary that the supplier must be from your city, from other towns also people are dealing in the right quantity via good transportation.

For freshness time, every exotic fruit has its time frame, which the supplier will let you know all about.

Now for the sale part, you can have contact with the various vegetable vendors.

Surely you can find a ton of them all over the city.

Provide them with your supply card with pictures of the exotic fruits and ask them to buy a few quantities in the beginning.

This is a slow process, but once you make this Chain working, you will know its exact importance.

You can also contact 4 Star-5 Star hotels in your city, as they have regular demand of the Exotic fruits throughout the year.

If you can raise the budget a more, you can create an app dedicated only to the exotic fruits and deliver all over the city.

You can always write to me if you have any difficulty in finding suitable suppliers/importers of exotic fruits.

Average Budget

The budget totally depends on your wish of the scale you wanted.

The costing begins from USD 1410 to USD 3000.

Also this budget is solely depends on the expansion of the capital you are ready to input.

The Basic Investment Things you will require in the beginning :

  • A Registered Firm/Company,
  • Stock of the exotic fruits,
  • A Storage Space,
  • An App if you wish to sell online in your city,
  • Initial Pamphlets for distributing in your city,
  • Other Basic things according to your needs.


The competitions are quite low in this particular business model because not everyone is doing this business.

Only you can find exotic fruits in some shopping malls.

So the more innovative approach you will take, the more profits you can land up with!

Target Areas

This trading of exotic fruits can be started from all over the world. 

You just need is a good suppliers of the exotic fruits.

Every Human being of your city is your targeted audience in this small scale business idea.

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6) Drop Shipping Of Various Goods Online

Drop Shipping Of Various Goods Online


From the title, you can understand what this small scale business idea is all about.

Today 1000's of people are successfully drop shipping various goods.

The scope is so high that you have to analyze a working product with a good range to sell.

Drop Shipping is selling a product from a third party channel without keeping the inventory with yourself.

You only have to find good, trusted manufacturers and retailers.

Trust me, choosing a high selling product and finding its manufacturer or retailer in your city or region is not that difficult.

After finding a reliable supplier, your only work will be to generate the sales of your chosen products.


The big question here is How to Generate Sales for your drop shipping product?

The best channel I will recommend is through Facebook, Instagram, Whats App and a Telegram.

Trust me on this; you do not need a channel other than these.
I have seen people making so much money by just handling and selling on these channels.

You have to mark your presence online by these channels and start running add campaigns on the available channels.

Ask your friends and family to add the members to your selling groups.

Post your Join Us Whats App Link on all social media platforms.

Within a short time, you will see a growth in your group and orders.

Never lose hope in the beginning as the orders will be very less as the customers will have the trust issues.

So always deliver them the quality product so that you can achieve mouth to mouth publicity.

Once you satisfy a single customer, he/she is going to add more customers to you automatically.

So the process will take some time but will give you sweet ripped income in a while.

You can always write to me if you have any difficulty in finding good suppliers/manufacturers for various kinds of drop shipping products.

Average Budget

The Whole Startup will cost you around USD 70 to USD 1700 (INR 5000 to INR 1,28,000).

You can start this business from scratch as you do not have any investment cost in the beginning.

You will take orders; the customers will pay you in advance, you will pay your drop shipper in advance.

So basically, you will not need any significant investment in the beginning.

The only Investment will be in the form of various Advertisement Campaigns you will run on multiple social media platforms.

The Basic Investment Things you will require in the beginning :

  • Money for Running Advertisement Campaigns,
  • A Laptop or a Computer or a Mobile Phone.


Your only competition is with Yourself.

Growth will always depend on how much time you will be giving to your business.

The price is a significant factor always try to sell goods at a lesser amount from others in the beginning to create the Trust Factor.

Target Areas

The main USP of drop shipping is that you can start this small scale business from home.

Your main lead is a good Drop shipper manufacturer/retailer.

The target customers are everyone who is using social media platforms. 

You can also sell the goods in other countries once you establish yourself in your native country.

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7) Food Joint With Home Delivery Only

Food Joint With Home Delivery Only


Food joint with a twist of home delivery is one of the trendy ideas for small scale business.

They are convenient and can be started from your home also.

There is no need for the restaurant setup and workers.

This kind of setups can only run if you can cook delicious food.

So if you can cook right then it's okay else, you can hire a cook which can be managed on a low salary also.

If you get a positive response, you can launch it on a full-fledged scale with a decent restaurant once you can manage the funds.

We have seen people running and selling only bakery items just from home on the online platform.

They earning pretty well as the world is emerging very rapidly into an online hub.

There is a vast possibility of the scope you in this business as its totally on your wish as what to cook and sell.


Following is a simple plan to follow :

  1. The first thing you need to do is to register your company to get a GST number, A Pan Number to move further.
  2. Second step is to get a FSSAI licence, which you can get easily if you have a good hygiene in your kitchen
  3. After completing the above two, the third is to list your food joint in every possible online food selling app available in your city to get maximum exposure to your business. A few online food selling apps are : Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, Fassos, Etc.
  4. While you get approvals from online apps, you can make the pamphlets and make them distribute near your place to get orders.

These are the basic necessary steps required to flourish this small scale business idea. If you need more help i am always here to give my free guidance. Drop me an email Here.

Average Budget

The average budget to this setup is around USD 352 to USD 2110, which of course depend on the will of your capital investment.

The requirements to startup in the beginning are as follow :

  • A Registered Firm/Company,
  • A FSSAI licence,
  • Some Space or your Home,
  • A Cook,
  • Money for purchasing the raw material for the food,
  • Pamphlets to circulate,
  • Other Basic Things according to your need.


If your food is lip-smacking, there can be no competition for you.

You are your competition in this field of business.

Target Areas

Food joint with door delivery can be started from anywhere. The main target areas depend on your choice.

This small scale business can also be started from home.

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8) Mushroom Farming (Evergreen Small Scale Business Idea)

Evergreen Small Scale Business Idea


Food items can never go out of trend in any part of the world. All you need is a dedicated mindset to become a success in this sector.

The mushroom farming has enormous scope in domestic as well in the international market.

The beauty of this business plan is that you can start it on a small scale as well as take it to a high level according to your fund's availability.

The beauty of mushroom farming is that it can be grown both as a seasonal crop and under controlled environmental conditions.

If your place Climate suits its growing than its good else, you can create a particular atmosphere in the mushroom farming rooms to achieve the same.

Approx 5-6 weeks is harvesting time for this crop. Many of the growers are adapting an indoor bag system for its growth.


For getting the best knowledge and feasibility about the mushrooms farming, there is a university in Himachal pradesh in Solan.

The name of the same is ICAR-Directorate of Mushroom Research

This university gives free knowledge for growing mushrooms in the various parts of the country.

They also provide free manuals on various techniques to maximize production.

So if you are thinking of landing in this business, you can always go there and educate yourself on the latest technologies you can use.

The market survey plays a vital role in this business.

Always start the survey at the ground level for any project you want to start.

The prices also increase or decrease based on the area you are located.

There are traders in the vegetable marketplace you can contact for bulk selling.

These trades will always give you lesser prices as they are purchasing in bulk.

The season starting from April in India is the most suitable season from the aspect of profits.

This is the season when the crop in the lower region of the country is on break. So the prices go up.

Different Approach

The another way of selling your mushrooms at a good price is to make contacts with the hotels and restaurants in your area.

They will always give you better rates than Mandi market. They also have good demand throughout the year.

You can also contact certain chains like Reliance, Easy Day, More, etc. in your city, as they have regular demands of the mushrooms throughout the year.

The large scale scope of this business model is to Pack the mushrooms in a Tin under your brand name and distribute all over the country.

You can also export the same as there is a high demand for mushrooms in the US, Israel, and Mexico.

Almost 90 % of Indians export mushrooms to these countries.

If you are finding it challenging to find the right reliable quality suppliers, I am always here to provide you the same. So do hit me up with an Email anytime.

Average Budget

The budget for setting up the Mushroom Farming is around USD 14090 to USD 42260.

It also depends on the quality of the Mushrooms you want to grow.

Your Investment undoubtedly depends upon the size of the farming you want to grow.

The starting up legal formalities and requirements are as follow:

  • A Registered Firm/Company,
  • A Land to Grow.
  • Compost and Casting unit,
  • Spawn lab and Other Equipment,
  • Packing Material like trays, etc,
  • Other Basic things according to your needs.


Competitions vary from place to place as in northern parts of the country; people are growing mushrooms at a rapid rate.

But there can not be much competition in the Farming section.

If you know how to and where to sell your packed mushrooms, there is no big competition for you in the market.

Target Areas

This idea for small scale business is an all-time favorable with respect to the place.

There are no such target areas as these things are consumed all over the world.

In a few places of the world, many of the things are unavailable so it can boost up your sales if you can supply abroad.

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9) Offline Dating Business

Offline Dating Business

Description :

Many of you have heard about Online dating platforms like Tinder, etc.

But have you heard about offline Dating Space?
The answer is certainly No.

This makes this idea very Unsaturated and innovative.

Imagine the people are getting ready and going for a date which will be arranged and taken care by the third party.

This sounds amazingly new and innovative.

It is becoming a trend in Western counties from the last 2-3 years, but it has not touched any part of Asia yet.

So this is one of its own and very unsaturated small scale business ideas.

You can sell your plans and membership after getting a fixed amount of members for free in the database.

Once you get a successful date, you can advertise the same all over the media by taking their conscience.

Also can be done by paying a small amount of money to them as a token of royalty.

Overall this idea sounds like a dream come true in the real world.

As many of the fraud cases are registering daily with online dating, this idea will act as a trustful arena for dating.


You need to be very careful while taking the members.
One must collect all the identification documents to proceed further.

You have to check all the documents to avoid fraud thoroughly.

Once you build a proper algorithm for your business to take it further, you are good to go and arrange the Offline Dating accordingly.

You must consult a Lawyer before making the contract forms, which you will get signed from all the members who will join in.

This will make you safe from all future upcoming liabilities, if any.

After all the procedures, you will arrange a date for both the interested partners according to your various plans of the payment.

One can categorize the plans according to their budget and places.

You can make a day out trip or a date in a good restaurant.

Also, charge them a fee for opting extra services like candlelight, a violinist, a guitarist, balloon decoration, etc.

The more you will think out of the box, the more you will get success in this business.

One must use all the Advertisement platforms available to make people aware of your startup.

This business model will take some time to generate revenue.

But once you pass on the initial phase, the revenue will also start flourishing.

Average Budget

The Offline Dating startup cost is around USD 6500 to USD 3000.

Official Requirements are as :

  • A Registered Firm/Company,
  • A Good Space for Back-end Work,
  • A Simple Website to Mark your presence Online.
  • A dedicated Creative Staff To Work Efficiently.
  • Other Basic things according to your needs.


There are a very few competitors in this Business Idea like Lifeofline, etc. 

But as you can check them all they are all new so your scope of getting success in very much High.

Target Areas

The Target Areas will be outsourced Big Metro Cities.

You can always target College-Going People.

You can also arrange the dates in different cities and have the clients from the respective cities.

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10) Membership Business

Membership Small Scale Business


This is a very trendy and easy money earning idea. All you need is a good speaking skill.

If you have this skill, you can be very successful in this small scale business idea.

I have seen my friends who are good at speaking, going from scratch to a new level in just a year or a two.

All you need is proper dedication and a small amount of money to invest in the beginning.

If you are social, this idea is undoubtedly for you.
All the LIC agents, people working in the Banks, with the Insurance Companies, property agents, active speakers, etc. are very much favorable for this kind of business.

I will be giving you a list of a few Membership based companies which you can trust and generate your income.

My personal Choice is Tiens Business.

As someone from my family is doing this business and earning a good hand of income.

I can also provide you with the contact information of the same person, who can explain you very effectively and correctly. So do drop an email if you need so.

Plan 1

Now I will describe the Tiens Business Marketing Plan in brief.

The TIENS marketing plan is one of the best ways to get financial freedom.

It is created By keeping your independent distributorship in mind.

The Tiens marketing plan provides six different ways to earn an income:

a) Retail profit: As an independent TIENS distributor, you are entitled to purchase products at wholesale prices.
You are then free to retail the products to your customers with the difference between retail and wholesale price is entirely your profit.

b) Direct bonus: A direct gift is what you, as an independent distributor, earns from your personally sponsored front line/a recruit.
The bonus ranges from 20% to 43%. This also applies to your purchase. (when you purchase a product for your own use/sell, you get this bonus.)

c) Indirect bonus: The indirect bonus is calculated on the Bonus Volume (B.V- part of the sale price of a product that can be used to calculate the bonus)

It is based on a scale of 4% increments and the percentage varies on your ranking and that of your down lines.

Plan 2

a) Leadership bonus : The leadership bonus is earned on the entire down line organisation of an independent distributor with the same ranking as you. As your ranking increases so does your leadership bonus payment increase.

This ranking is paid from 5 star on wards.

b) Honorary Title Bonuses : The Honorary Title Bonus is like a profit sharing plan, only it is paid on sales revenue and not just profit.

TIENS put aside 5% of world wide sales in a pool for those who qualify by attaining a status level of Bronze Lion or higher.

c) Special Award Bonuses : Special Awards are offered to Independent Distributors who achieve the highest levels of the marketing plan.

An independent distributor who achieves a Honored Title gets special awards such as a luxury car, a villa, paid holidays ,etc.

In Short the more members you will recruit, the more benefits of all the kinds you will receive.

Also you will be earning a small percentage of what all your added members will spent on.

Average Budget

As I have listed this idea in Top 10  Small Scale Business Ideas, the budget is average.

The setup of this business is around USD 140 to USD 700.

You do not need any official setup as you need only:

  • Some Initial Money to buy basic membership Plan,
  • Other Basic things according to your needs.


If no one from your family or a friend circle is doing this business, you have no competitors.

Target Areas

There are no such target Areas.

This business runs with no capital investment, and only investment is your time and social connections.

In the beginning, you can target your friends and family to get started. Later on, arrange the seminars in public places as well as in schools and colleges.

Conclusion of Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas

So we have compiled a top-notch list of money earning small business ideas for our readers from our years of experience in the field.

You must keep and follow every detail as discussed above to increase the success ratio.

Also, the manpower in some of the business ideas meant a lot in terms of a successful run for those businesses. We are saying this in accordance with the experience we had while handling the human resources.

You must analyze all the factors as discussed while starting up any of the business plans. These are the underlying factors we have considered.

The budget values discussed above are also the approximate ideas while considering the general capital investment in our minds.

We have thoroughly tested the outcomes of all the ideas listed above and then only comprehended for our readers.

Hope our business ideas will benefit you in broad capitalizing perspective.

The ad-dons in the fields are always welcomed in the comment section from our readers.

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