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May 10, 2020

How to Start a Tiffin Service

Starting a Tiffin Service at any time of the year is a Profitable Small Scale Business Idea of all the time. If this business is done in a way we are going to guide you, you will earn a hefty amount of profit with our guarantee.

According to a survey by a news channel, The Tiffin Business is something that has become a favorite choice of people. The survey tells that people are returning to the trend of eating homemade food.

The Likes and Dislikes of the people have changed over a while and now the trend of Tiffin Service Business has returned.

The people working in the Offices, The students living in the PG's, and the people staying away from their homes are the main customers of the Tiffin Business.

Here we will give you an exact and point to point Do's and Don'ts on How To Start a Tiffin Service, so grab everything effectively. 

History of a Tiffin Business?

The Word "Tiffin" has a historical value itself. It has originated from the period time of the Britishers ruling in India.

When they came to India for the invasion, They use to work vigorously day and night. Therefore they need something very light in the afternoon so that they will stay away from the laziness.

So there comes an introduction to very lighter meals for the day. Hence the word "Tiffin" was given by the Britishers for any lighter meal.

So as the time gradually passed the transformation of a lighter meal Tiffin became the Lunch or a Dinner Tiffin box for the Indians.

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What is the need to start a Tiffin Service Business?

Well to be very honest, the need for any small scale business idea is to earn the bread and butter for the livelihood.

But this business on the other side not only gives you the livelihood buy you can grab the amazing hidden opportunity which can make you the Dominator of this Market.

The only thing you need to follow is Quality. The brand and the quality, these are the two Guru Mantras of this Business.

Tiffin Business is one of the best ideas for small scale business.

Initial Requirements of a Tiffin Service Business

There are 2 main requirements you must fulfill before starting up your small scale business as :

Official Requirements of a Tiffin Service Business

So from we will start the Planning and Plotting to become a Dominator of the Tiffin Business. There are some of the Licences or requirements you need to take from the local authorities

If I will talk about the facts out of 100 Tiffin Businesses running around, 99% of them do not take any Licences from the authorities. The reason is they do not want to establish a brand. They only want to play at a very small scale which is not feasible at all.

You must have noticed that many of the tiffin service providers open in your area and within 2-3 months they get closed. Have anybody realized why?

The reason is simple but important. The lack of Quality and the lack of Branding.

So the official requirements which are necessary to be successful in this business are as follow :

  1. Name of the Firm - You need to think of an innovative yet out of box name for you Tiffin Service Business. The name will describe your brand so think accordingly.
  2. Agreement for the firm as in Proprietor or Partnership - If its a solo man army then go for the proprietor firm else obtain a registered partnership deed.
  3. Obtain the PAN card of the Firm - We are assuming that you have your personal PAN card already. Now apply for the PAN card of the firm.
  4. GST Certificate - GST registration has become the need of an hour whether you want to run an online business or an offline business.
  5. MSME Licence - This is very important as it will save a lot of fees in FSSAI registration. This is the trick no one will tell you. The procedure is very short to obtain the license and can be achieved in an hour.
  6. Trademark Certificate - For registering your brand name and obtaining a trademark certificate, We will suggest you to hire a reputed firm. This is to stay away from the hassle of court replies your law firm will be  giving on your behalf if needed in the future dispute if any.
  7. FSSAI Licence - This is a must in this field, and can be obtained easily online on the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Official Website. Most of the people get it in under 30 days. But it also depends on place to place.
  8. Insurance - Make sure you have insured your business. So that you can have peace of mind from any unwanted disaster.

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Basic Requirements of a Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service Business

So apart from the official paper works, there are some basic requirements for a tiffin service business to kick off easily as follow :

  1. Raw Material - This will play a vital role in the profit margin ratio. I have a simple rule, Lower the cost of the raw materials, higher the profits you can book.
  2. Packing Material - This comprises of 2 components. Either you will go for a Use and Throw Plate or you will go for the traditional Lunch Boxes. The Choice is totally yours. Our Pick is Use and Throw Plates with a Lucrative Cover for your Brand.
  3. Packing Machine - The heat-based packing machine is for punching the tray. This will make it leak-proof and can be easily delivered at your lovable customers without any complaint.
  4. A Cook - This area is something you will want to have the best of all you can have. In the end the taste is all that matters.
  5. Delivery Team - A hand full of delivery boys, in the beginning, will do your job. You can keep a single boy in the beginning.
  6. Branding Flyers - Here comes the awareness, how will people know about your presence? Well this heading is itself self-explanatory. You will need to circulate most of the Pamphlets in your surrounding areas in the beginning. Once your business will have some revenue you can opt to expand your area of supply.
  7. Online Presence - Today everyone is using a smartphone, a need of an hour. So why not grab the opportunity and roll your mouth-watering advertisements all over the smartphones. This way you can have your brand Presence both online as well as offline.

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Where to Purchase the Raw Materials?

You need to find the best whole seller supplier in your area to get the best possible rates. We prefer to buy rice, spices, flours, etc from Walmart, METRO, etc. This is the work you have to do according to your area.

Name for Tiffin Business :

The most important thing is to optimize your Brand name in such a way to have some dazzling effect as a first impression on the customer's mind.

As they say first impression is the last impression, the innovation in deciding the name will help you gain more and more customers.

Logo for Tiffin Business

Your Brand Logo will play a very essential role in standing you among the market of the brands. It should be something that can match your Tiffin Service. Here we have some free logo generators to save you some money.

Menu for Tiffin Services

The customer loves the flexibility in the menu. If you will be providing them a fixed set of Menu, they will eventually get bored. They will move to another Tiffin Service.

So your motto is to make your customers stick to your business only. Therefore you will have to keep your food Menu with lots of varieties and changes across the days.

Try to add some Sweet dishes and Special dishes according to the days. Also supply them a bonus in the form of various sweet dishes from time to time.

Never compromise with the quality of the food, if you want to get success in this small scale business.

Pamphlet for Tiffin Business

Pamphlet for Tiffin Business

Hire a good designer from your area with affordable costs and print some extraordinary magical Pamphlets. Distribute them as much as possible in the newspaper, in the nearby colonies, sectors, on the cars, etc.

The higher the people will know about your Brand and Tiffin Service, the more and more customers will attract your business.

Even when I hear some new tiffin service in the area, I try to taste at least once. So many people like me will definable give it a try.

This is the time when you have to be at your best with the quality and taste.

How to promote your tiffin service?

There are two main ways. The offline and the Offline. the offline has been discussed above. The other one demands the presence of your brand on various platforms online on the internet.

Hire an SEO specialist, if you have lesser knowledge about this. Run Advertisement Campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Do keep in mind to run the campaigns by targeting your area only.

This way you will boost your sales and customers from the 2-way sword.

What can be the extensions of a tiffin service?

You should always put your legs in the business which has some probability of the extension in the future. Following these will make your small scale business idea very valuable.

This is very important if you want to grow as a Brand. The three most important extensions you can have once you will start building customers are as follow :

  1. Mobile Van - The moment you think its time to enlarge the picture, you can setup a Mobile Van. This food van will deliver instant food in the name of your brand. You can circulate this van all over your city and analyze which place is best for your Mobile approach.
  2. Collaboration with online Delivery portals - Now this one is my favorite as this method generates a heavy amount of revenue. There are giants present in the market such as Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEats. All you need to do is to register your brand and you are good to fly. Trust me you will have immense sales by registering with any of these companies.
  3. Distributing Franchise - This is the extreme equation you can get if you will make your brand popular and successful. You can give the franchise of your Tiffin business in the various cities across the country. The franchise will make you earn a hefty amount of profit of about 2-6 Lacs depending on the potential of the brand.

How will you Improve the Tiffin Service Business?

There is a lot of fuss about  how can we run a successful Tiffin business? The answer lies within you and your services.

You will be running this business for the customers only. So try to take their feedback from time to time. This improves service by analyzing all the feedback. This way you can improve your Tiffin delivery.

Additional Valuable Points to be Considered :

  • Maintain proper hygiene, as youth emphasizes the importance of this factor.
  • Follow all the norms as prescribed by FSSAI.
  • Always use good quality table cloths, lunch boxes, cooking utensils, etc.
  • You have to always use Food Grade plastics as its out duty to make our planet Greener.
  • Do not use leftover foods in your delivery because eventually it's your loss by losing a customer. Also, you will get bad mouth to mouth publicity by adapting these unhygienic practices.
  • You should also research the pricing you will be provided to provide the best rates in the beginning. You can always increase the price later on when your brand will gain some trust.
  • Your Kitchen workers must wear gloves and caps all the time to maintain the safety of the food.
  • The delivery time is another key factor in this tiffin business. Because the factory workers or the bank workers, who will be ordering from you have fixed lunch timing. So better to deliver the food on time to maintain the brand reputation.
  • Provide the flexibility of ordering a customized meal to your customers. This will enhance their ordering experience thus adding a weightage to your brand.
  • Always use attractive packaging to lure customers. After all its all about the branding.


  • It is a well known small business all over the country. But the need of an hour is to raise the bar and implement everything we have taught you in this article. 
  • You can not get success if you will follow the sheep as people are already doing.
  • The sheep following will only lead to the closure of the business in a small period with the losses.
  • So grab everything you have and make use of this opportunity as much as you can.
  • We have shared with you the insider tips of the successful Tiffin Business brands running all across the country. 
  • Implement everything from the article and We guarantees that you will make your own successful brand in no time.
  • Hope our article How to Start a Tiffin Service ? will get you started to move on the path of success.

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