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February 25, 2020

How to start a Blog

How to Start a Blog in 30 Minutes ?

About Blogging

Just writing a blog and earning a passive income from it are two different things. One has to understand that every one who writes a blog will not earn money. There are certain ways to write a perfect blog to reach the saturation of earning money.

You must have seen the successful stories of the various bloggers turning from the scratch to the millionaires. Believing them is right, its a choice, but do you know what they have actually done and performed in order to reach there? Here our main focus will be to teach you a right and correct passage to start blogging!

Description on How to Start a Blog ?

Here I will be sharing a simple and easy process to start blogging like a professional in just 10 minutes. These are the following effective foundation instruments require to start a blog website :

  1. A Domain Name,
  2. A website hosting,
  3. a WordPress Setup,
  4. a professional theme builder,
  5. Essential Tools and Plugins,
  6. A free logo creator,
  7. A Free Email Service

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The Briefing is as follow:

1) A Domain Name for How to Start a Blog

A Domain Name 1
A Domain Name 2

Domain name is a name of your website. Choosing a good domain name is a very essential part in SEO for starting a blog. Always chose .COM over everything like .In, .Live. etc. This is because domains with .Com ranks better than others on google. 

The Best and Cheap Place where you can find the domain name on very reasonable price is https://www.godaddy.in or https://www.godaddy.com

The Trick to get it at the best price is to apply certain coupon codes which are available all over the internet for the first time users.You can write here if you need any discount code.

I will here show you the comparison of the same domain price at Godaddy and Bigrock.

The Same Domain "testdomainblog.com" is available on Godaddy @ 717 INR (USD 10.06) where as on BigRock, it is available @ 2098 INR (USD 29.44). Both Prices are for 2 years Registration. 
So I always prefer Godaddy over any other Domain Providers.

Direct Link For the Godaddy : 

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2) A Website Hosting for How to Start a Blog

Starting a Blog

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What is a Web hosting ?

In very simple words, Its a rented space on the web where you will be paying the rent for your website to live. The rent will be depending upon the amenities like speed, number of websites it can accommodate ,etc.

After Trying and Testing many of the hosting ans spending so much money, I have came to the conclusion that there is no other competitor of this hosting.

The servers of this hosting are very reliable.
The name of the hosting is :
They also Provides a Free SSL and HTTPS.


Earlier my site was on Godaddy and trust me on this, they are not good for heavy traffic.
Where as I am facing no such problem on the Siteground Hosting.

A Little Suggestion Whenever you are Planning to buy a Siteground hosting or shifting your hosting to Siteground, Always go for GroBig Plan.

GroBig Plan allows unlimited websites for hosting. Also the server will never crash whenever you will face heavy traffic.

The price = USD 5.95 per month.
Direct Link For the Discounted SITEGROUND Plan: 
Click Here

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3) A WordPress Setup

What is a WordPress ? In very simple words, it is a tool to create a Blog or a Website in the easiest way possible. You do not have to be sound in coding as there is no need of it.

There are many competitors of WordPress like Gator, SiteBuilder, Weebly, Wix, etc. You can chose others also as its not a boundation to chose a WordPress. I have chosen it because of the easiest user interface it gives and many other plugins which makes my website a well designed professional website.

It is the Best Software on the Internet to build your Website/Blog/App with the ease like drinking water.The Setup comes free with Siteground. So you just have to install and good to go. WordPress also offers various free themes,templates,widgets,and many more to build your website extremely good. Today 90% of the well earning Websites/Blogs uses WordPress only.

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4) A Professional Theme Builder

Better WordPress Content
Blog Essential Theme Builder

This is a must tool if you want your website to be looked Ultra professional.
The Name is
​​Thrive Content Builder​​​

Go Blindly for this plugin on WordPress which is the best thing i have invested so far working online. If you do not know on how to build a Website/Blog using Technical Programming CSS, this is your NEST To Build a Professional looking website in no time.

Tips51.com is build using Thrive Architect,Thrive Theme, Thrive Lead generation. Which makes us build landing pages, popups, boxes, etc very professionally and efficiently in no time.

The price = USD 19 per month If Paid Annually.
Thrive Content Builder

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5) Essential Tools And Plugins

These are some of the very essential plugins you must install or use in order to stay at the front. These are very essential tools which will ease on How to Start a Blog.

6) A Free Logo Creator

A Free Logo Creator

This is the Life of every startup. Logo is something very necessary but also on the other hand you do not have enough budget to spent on a logo in the beginning.

So, How To Get A Logo Absolutely For Free ?

have researched almost all the sites and in the end, they all ask for their membership to start for.

So here i am sharing with you a name of the website which provides you an  Absolutely Free Logo.

The Link to the Website is : Here

It is very simple and easy to use. You will get all the LOGO files in your email which includes a Vector file, Jpeg file, Png File, a transparent file. The interface to design the Logo's is very easy and handy. No extra knowledge is needed in order to design the logo.

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7) A Free Email Service

A Free Email Service

Well in order to make your audience totally yours, you need to gather their emails for providing them desired outputs.

Whether you need to send the users a welcome email or a login password, you will need an email service.So in the beginning when you do not have much audience, you can go with a free basic plan.

The name of the website i am using currently is : Link

This is the best i have came across.It is very simple to use and configure.You can find a tutorial on how to configure Send grid on your Website/Blog using thrive leads.

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