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January 29, 2020


We will be disusing here How to treat Coronavirus, and how to prevent Coronavirus, its effects and its symptoms in brief. Also we will be disusing about the history of the Coronavirus.


Basic Idea of Viruses

Today we'll talk about Coronavirus it's not just one virus there are group of viruses so a more accurate word is called Coronav-ray da, which is a group of viruses.

We'll talk about it and we'll talk briefly about the new Coronavirus which is discovered in Wuhan China. Let's get started first we divide microbes into bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.


A virus is not a living organism. It's actually kind of in between Living and Non Living structure. Some people consider it as the edge of life.Why do you think its a non living thing ? Because it Lacks a Cellular Structures. It is similar to the living things as it can replicate very quickly. That is why we call it Go Viral. Everybody wants to Go Viral, Nobody wants to go bacterial.

We first discovered those pathogens in about 1892 or so that's less than 150 years ago which historically speaking is nothing as it doesn't even show up.

Viruses infect your cells and then they use your own cells as a quote DNA making machine. DNA or RNA of course. So they infect yourself and the term bacteriophage. Some people say oh it's a bacteria no no it's a virus that infects bacteria. Phage means it's gonna engulf. it's gonna eat, it's gonna infect a bacterial.

You know there is a famous drug called glucophage. glucophage is metformin. Why do we call it a fate because it's kind of eating the glucose. It is decreasing the level of glucose in the blood, it makes yourself eat glucose.

DNA and RNA Viruses

Defending your body against viruses is the responsibility of your glorious lymphocytes. We divide viruses into DNA viruses and RNA viruses. Coronavirus or viruses are RNA virus. It's a topic that drives medical students brainstorming.

The 7 DNA viruses are

  • A) Pucks, Herpes,Hypatia (Enveloped)
  • B) Parv, Pap, Poly, Adena (Non Enveloped)

Th RNA viruses are a total of 15 Number :

  • Toga, Flavy, Retro, Corona, Delta, Arena,Bunya,Filo,Rabdo, Orthomyxo, Paramyxo (Enveloped)
  • Picorna, Calici, Hepe, Reo (Non Enveloped)

These non-enveloped viruses are also known as naked viruses which is slightly inappropriate for a medical term. Let's make our discussion relevant to the current events the Zika virus is a Flavi virus which is RNA. Ebola is Philo again RNA. Corona includes common colds viruses,SARS which is severe acute respiratory syndrome, MERS which is Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome and the late 2019 nCov"V" corona virus discovered in wuhan where n stands for novel. Novel which is because it's new novel in french. CoronaViridia is the plural of virus.

History of Coronavirus

Many people think that corona viruses have just discovered 23 days ago. This is certainly not true as they are as ancient as the 1960s. The last one has been discovered 23 days ago the 2019-nCov (Novel Corona Virus) also known as wuhan virus.

History Coronavirus

The List of Ancient Coronavirus :
229E and OC43 - Year 1960's
SARS.CoV - Year 2003
HcoV NL63 - Year 2004 (H stands for human)
HKU-1 - Year 2005 (HK stands for Hong Kong)
MERS-CoV - Year 2012 (MERS means Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome)
2019-nCoV - Year 2019 (The Latest) 

The Symptoms of Ancient Coronavirus :

List of Ancient Coronavirus


229E and OC43

Common Cold


Severe Acute Respiratory

HcoV NL63





Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome or Camel Flue


Cold and High Fever with Respiratory Illness

So you must have noticed that all of them caused by the respiratory diseases. So the question arises how can we prevent them ?
We should wear a mask,
Wash our hands properly,
We Should not get in contact with the patients at any cost.
It's just a common sense that prevention is better than cure especially when there is no cure.


Let's talk about the Wuhan Coronavirus. This is the brand new as this is literally just 23 days old. So we do not know a lot about this virus and I'm writing this on January 29th 2020. Anything can change in the next few days, weeks or years, So please forgive me for any mistakes here. This is just as much as I know.

Wuhan Coronavirus is the same thing as novel Coronavirus, ours is the same thing as Wuhan Coronavirus, ours is the same thing as Wuhan seafood market in pneumonia virus because we do not know what to call it.

It's also that 2019 nCoV and Coronavirus all of these are synonyms.Okay give me a word that's a synonym to synonym, that's a good question for you to answer in the comment section.First cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus were reported on December 31st 2019. The initial source is still unknown.

Some people argue it's the seafood in one of the markets but it's doubted because other people who had no contact whatsoever with that market developed the Coronavirus. Snakes are probable reservoir but still we do not know human to human transmission is possible until January 22nd 2019.

It's not considered as a PHIEC by the World Health Organization. What the flip is PHIEC, it is a public health emergency of international concern.So in other words it's considered an emergency in China but not the worldwide yet.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The basic symptoms of Coronations known so far are written below :

1) Repeated high fever.
2) Prolonged Coughing.
3) Adults usually feel uneasy.
4) Headaches and mainly Respiratory illness.
5) Shortness of Breathe.
6) Diarrhea.
7)Congestion is nose and throat.

Precautions to Take

Basic Precautions list as gathered by the qualified doctors of various countries so far :

1) Keep your throat moist. Don't let it dry at all. Because once your throat membrane is dry, the Coronavirus will invade into your body within 10 Mins.
2) Drink 50-80 cc warm water.
3) If you are thirsty do not wait and drink the water at any cost.
4) Do not go the crowded place at least till the end of the May 2020.
5) Wear masks even if you have to go to the crowded places.
6) Avoid fried, spicy food.
7) Increase your Vitamin C Intake.
8) Avoid taking medicine without consulting your physician.
9) Take Vitamin B Complex and Zinc Daily.
10) Strictly follow personal hygiene.
11) Decoction of Tulsi, Ginger, pepper, Curcumin in hot water helps immensely.
12) Guduchi treats fever and enhances immunity.
13) Avoid Touching nose and eyes as much as possible.
14) Use a tissue while sneezing and immediately throw it in a dustbin.


Look folks the newspapers love hysteria epidemics outbreaks. All of this because they get to sell more newspapers and they get you to click more on their articles.

So just to put the things into perspective the number of deaths from various causes from 29th of December to the 29th January is actually like much more from the heart diseases. Approx more than 1 million people died from heart disease, 90000 from the car accidents, 49000 from the HIV and 38000 from the Influenza. But from from Wuhan Coronavirus 30 Approx till now.

But you will never hear about this tomorrow when you read the newspaper because it does not sell enough papers you will hear about the Wuhan Coronavirus and have the world is coming to an end and humanity as we know it is toast but as of this moment you're way way way more likely to die from heart disease than from any Coronavirus.

If you watch the news 24X7 this will increase your stress levels which is correlated with the heart disease. You are not helping anybody and please remember Ebola. Remember when people were angry at the former President Obama, they said hey you should do something you shall burn all flights ban all flights.

There is no antibiotic made so far as doctors are still analyzing the threat Coronavirus. So don't trust anybody who says that he/she has a proper vaccine for the same.

Maintain Peace and wait for the official advisory of your respective countries. In the end we all can do is just to take precautions as much as possible. Thanks for reading the article.

Please keep checking the WHO website for more updates on Coronavirus: Link

Update April 18 2020 : So many of us know by now that it has been announced Pandemic by WHO, so we need to be very alert about ourselves at the moment.

The Ministry of India has done a press conference and let us all know that there has been no vaccine till date and the only vaccine is the Immunity we can build in our body to fight this Corona Virus.

The Ministry of Ayush has prescribed some very natural ways to build our Immune system very Strong. All the things will be available in your houses only so we do not need to step an inch out side our respective houses.

Please go through this Link and educate your self for the measures you can take to build a good immunity against this deadly Corona Virus COVID-19.

In this fight against deadly Corona Virus we must be unite and follow all the guidelines given to us from our local authorities and government.

This is the time we should show our Patriotism for the Nation by following the government guidelines by not stepping outside our respective homes.

Stay Safe Stay Home

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