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Fitness Smart Band
  • AMOLED display with full screen touch
  • Runs smooth on Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9.0 or later
  • Water-resistant till 5 ATM
  • It automatically detects swim motions and create data points
  • Inbuilt heart rate sensors to monitor heart beat and alarm you
  • Plenty of watch faces pre-installed
  • Battery lasts up to 20 days according to the usage
  • More than 30 features in just a single band
  • Fully controls the music playing
  • Helps in analyzing the sleep pattern
  • Also receives text messages on display and monitors the calls
  • Provides social media notifications on the display.

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Best Fitness Smart Band India 2020

Topic : Best Fitness Smart Band India 2020

Mi Smart Band 4- India's No.1 Fitness Band, Up-to 20 Days Battery Life, AMOLED Full-Touch Screen

The Mi Smart Band 4 consists of more than 30 smart features, making it one of the Best Fitness Smart Band India 2020. It not only monitors your sleep but also raises alarm when your heartbeat crosses a certain risky level. It also recognizes the stroke, if you will get any, while swimming, Mi smart band 4 has a larger display as compared to the previous versions. As far as health is concerned this is the best one can get in this small price range, which takes care of your body 24 hours.

A savvy Best Fitness Smart Band India 2020, measures how sound, fit, and dynamic we are. Heart monitor function assists us in controlling our activity and get hard realities about our condition. The steps calculator contributes to the daily work out routine and significantly plays a vital role in calculating the respective Body mass index ratio. Most of the bands are made from the material which is comfortable for our skin so that the wearing will not create any itching, etc. India is becoming an emerging market of the smart bands in the recent year due to the huge demand in the youths.

The Best Fitness Smart Band India 2020 takes care of the nutrition intake by maintaining the data by cross-checking it with the calories taken by our body. They are readily processed with the smart vibration alarms and sensors which closely monitor the way body is getting sleep by analyzing the heart rate patterns. The technology has been made in such a way that you do not have to visit a doctor in the upcoming years for an ECG as the fitness smart bands will be capable of taking the ECG.

According to the researchers, "The skin conductance sensor and pulse monitor sensors will be taking the values at regular intervals. When these values are above the threshold value, then it’s considered as the occurrence of an event and further actions are carried out. it analyses the data and sends emergency messages to the pre-stored mobile numbers."

The smart fitness bands are not normal bands, they are capable of making calls, storing data, playing music, keeping health monitoring records, step counters, and many other smart features. If you will connect it with the given fitness app, it will analyze your body and will provide a specific fitness plan according to your body needs.

Nowadays you can connect these smart bands to any mobile phones with androids and iOs versions. Most of the mobile phones are compatible with all the smart bands. Mi Fit app is the place where you can check all your data related to your physical activity along with the sleep patterns, steps count, heart rates, and all activity data. The calorie count is also an important feature adding to your quality work out plans.

It's going to better estimate your calories burn all day long so that means when you look at it at the end of the night you have a better picture of how many calories you have burned. Also during your workouts, so it's not entirely accurate for a lot of things related to working out but it's going to get a better estimate for those workouts by just having a heart rate sensor rather than relying on your steps in your smart band.

You probably don't need the high-end Fitness Smartwatch, if you're just looking to stay fit and you want something to wear in the office, Mi Smart Band 4 is probably the best you are looking for. The basic features of the smart bands like a pedometer, calorie meter, heart rate monitor, sleep analyzer are all embedded in the smart band.

AMOLED technology was the infinite contrast ratio because each pixel produces its own light. AMOLED stands for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode, it describes a single pixel in a display generating its own light using a flat film cathode anode array with a conductive layer of organic material sandwiched in between. Controlling voltage output to the pixel and it's discharging that makes AMOLED so friendly for battery life in the fact that's what makes AMOLED passive OLED. So better to chose AMOLED display for the crisp brightness. So this concludes the topic for Best Fitness Smart Band India 2020.

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